Purchasing a Dancing Disc FAQ

Q: What is a Dancing Disc?

A Dancing Disc is a professional portable dance floor designed for practicing various dance styles like tap, ballet, and turns. It is made from durable Marley material and features an anti-slip rubber bottom to prevent movement during use.


Q: What sizes are available for the Dancing Disc?

The Dancing Disc is available in three sizes to accommodate different practice needs:


Large 30” (Home & Studios): Preferred for use in studios and homes, this size is perfect for practicing new moves with ample space and comfort.

Medium 24” (Space & Portable): This size offers a balance of portability and space, making it ideal for practicing turns while being easy to transport.

Small 16” (Portable & Challenging): The most portable option, this size is also the most challenging, helping dancers keep their turns in a perfect spot due to the smaller surface area.


Q: Is the Dancing Disc suitable for all types of dance?

Yes, the Dancing Disc is suitable for a wide range of dance styles, including tap, ballet, jazz, and contemporary. It provides a smooth surface ideal for practicing turns and other dance moves.


Q: How does the Dancing Disc protect home floors?

The Dancing Disc has an anti-slip rubber bottom that prevents it from sliding and damaging home floors. This design allows dancers to practice safely and effectively at home.


Q: Is the Dancing Disc easy to transport?

Yes, the Dancing Disc is lightweight and includes a convenient handle for easy transportation. It is designed to be portable so dancers can practice anywhere.


Q: What is the return policy?

Dancing Disc offers a 30-day return guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.


Q: Are there any discounts available?

Yes, Dancing Disc offers several discounts:


MYDISC: A coupon code for new customers to get a discount on their first purchase.

DISC4ALL: A studio discount that provides a 15% discount when purchasing four or more discs. Free shipping is also available within the USA with the code SHIP4ALL.


Q: Can I purchase a Dancing Disc as a gift?

Absolutely! The Dancing Disc makes a perfect gift for dancers of all ages. While ordering, you can look for gift packaging options if available, or contact customer service for assistance.


Q: What do customers say about the Dancing Disc?

Customers love the Dancing Disc for its quality and functionality. Many reviews highlight how it helps improve their practice and how safe and durable it is. You can read more reviews on the Dancing Disc website.


Q: How can I contact customer service?

You can contact Dancing Disc customer service via chat  or by sending an email to hello@dancingdisc.com. They are known for their responsive and helpful support.