Our Story...

One day I was watching my daughter, Bailey Gomez, practice her turns on
a different Marley wrapped turning board and noticed there was a handle
hole cut directly into the turning surface of the board. I am a fireman and
have been for 18 years, watching her turn so close to that hole made me 
cringe and worry she was going to turn right into that opening and break 
her ankle! The next day she was practicing at home on our wood floors,
I went to show her my dad skills and the board slipped from under me. 
There was nothing on the bottom to prevent the board from slipping out
from underneath you. Like I predicted, soon after Bailey did turn into 
that handle hole and injured her ankle. So talking with my wife after this
Injury I was explaining they should change the design, put a handle on 
the back, make it anti-slip, cut it into a perfect circle and taper the edge
to make it much easier on the turning foot and ankle. This conversation
became an ”Ah Ha” moment, and my family and I brainstormed ideas for a 
company name. My son Blake came up with “Dancing Disc” and Bailey came
up with our catch phrase “Spot On A Dot” I started doing research for 
developing the first model the next day!

CEO, Glen Gomez