Featured on MSN.com, the Ultimate Gift for Every Dancer This Holiday Season

Featured on MSN.com, the Ultimate Gift for Every Dancer This Holiday Season

The holiday spirit dances in with the perfect gift for every dedicated dancer—the Dancing Disc. Recently featured on MSN.com, this portable dance tool proves to be a game-changer for dancers of all levels.



The Dance Floor Wherever You Go

Imagine having the precision and feel of a dance floor available anywhere in the world. That's what the highly-rated Dancing Disc offers—a portable dance tool favored by top dance competitions and adored by the dancers who grace these stages. From tap to ballet, this tool brings the essence of the studio or competition floor to every practice session, making a significant difference in a dancer's technique and movement.


Choice of Rising Dance Stars

Renowned dance personalities like Jojo Siwa and Sophia Lucia have embraced the Dancing Disc, recognizing its value as a vital component where stardom begins. Just as a musician relies on their instrument, dancers rely on the distinct feel and sound of the dance floor to create their perfect performance.

Dancing Disc used by Jojo and Shopia Lucia

Crafted with Safety and Precision

Created with dancers in mind, the Dancing Disc offers the feel of a dance floor through its Marley top while ensuring safety with its anti-slip rubber bottom and tapered edge for added security in movements. Available in multiple sizes, from 16 inches to 30 inches, this portable dance floor fits every dance style and travels wherever the dancer goes.

A Father's Dedication and Innovation

The inception of the Dancing Disc stemmed from Glen Gomez's, a firefighter and devoted father, desire to create a safer practice tool for his daughter, a young dancer. His commitment to safety led to features like the anti-slip bottom and tapered edge, inspired by his daughter's needs.

Testimonials from the Dance Community

Dancers worldwide endorse the Dancing Disc for its versatility and safety. From competitions to daily practice, dancers across various expertise levels and dance genres hail it as the ultimate practice tool.

The Perfect Gift for Every Dancer

More than just a turning board, the Dancing Disc represents a father's love translated into a tool cherished by dancers worldwide—a gift ensuring safety and practice without limitations.

Dancing on Portable Dance Floor

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